Artists Statement

As the sun set over Long Island Sound I noticed, at a certain moment that the myriad color transformations in the sky resembled the coloring inside a clam shell. Amazing that the sky above the water mimicked colors of ocean life in an abstracted form – no contours just allusions to the subject, which led me to think about how people exist too much in the world of shapes, codification and outlines instead of simply living in a space without definition, mapping or ownership. Rather, it becomes important to make references and comparisons briefly without letting those conclusions define one’s way of thinking which of course is so limiting. Instead, let the space live you. Can our surroundings become unknown again in order to inspire us.

Robin Rapoport

Interdisciplinary artist Robin Rapoport founded Headless Horse Dance in 2002 as a platform to explore the body as a sculptural element. She has gone on to make short experimental films combining dance, sculpture and visual arts. Her film, “Thief”, was selected for The Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films and The Jumping Frames Film Festival in Beijing. Her work juxtaposes disparate movement expressions amongst her dancers; each one encouraged to contribute their own individual expression to the whole. Texture in her work is derived by several dance phrases going on at once symbolizing how we truly think and speak. Human psychology and narrative from the unconscious also play an important role in her work. Symbolically combining man-made and organic materials for props and sculpture she questions man’s ability to coexist within the environment he has created. Creating a fantasy setting of imaginative “creature/relationship” duets, she would like the audience to suspend their habitual reaction of defining the space around them and instead let their surroundings become unknown again in order to inspire.

Her paintings can be seen at Colin Fisher Studios in Palm Springs, CA. Published poems can be found in the 2008 issue of “The Mom Egg” and the 2009 issue of Mamapalooza Magazine.